Team Mahout stands for something. In Southeast Asia, a Mahout is an elephant trainer. As a child, a young Mahout is given an Elephant that he is responsible for. Elephants have roughly the same life span as humans. This is a symbiotic relationship that lasts a life time. We strive to be the Mahout for you business. We want to continue to ensure your business is a success. We treat every client as if they are our only client. We believe this loyalty and dedication is what sets us apart. When your business grows, so do your needs. We recognize this and want to be your first choice for site enhancements.

In today's fast paced world of social media, high speed internet, mobile apps, and literally every other convenience available with a touch of your finger, there is something missing in most technology related industries: Exceptional Customer Service. Ok, I know what you're thinking: every company claims they have great customer service, and you are correct. Most development companies check off this “customer service box" in a bulleted list on their marketing site or material. Some actually ensure that the User Experience and the User Interface department give their stamp of approval. But this is the extent of most companies' Customer Service. We are different! And we will continue to be different. Let me explain.

Our goal is not only to stay in business, but to grow. We recognize that in order for us to be successful, our customers also need to be successful. Ok, all of this still sounds generic. Here is where we start to stand out: we actually mean it. Your typical web development agency is focused on you signing off on the design, signing off on the content, signing on the dotted line, and signing the check. Sounds reasonable right? But then what? Once your site is live, where are they? Do they offer assistance in marketing? Do they actually care if you succeed?


Each of our clients are invited into our community. This virtual community was specifically created to provide direct access to our development team, and, just as important, to other business owners who are experiencing the same trials. You are free to ask questions from our staff and from our other clients. We were told allowing clients to openly communicate with one another would be a very bad business decision, but we believe that a strong community of people who have the same goals can accomplish anything.



I have been working with Jason for several years to update my website and he always responds quickly and takes care of changes. I highly recommend him and this company as they are honest, reliable and knowledgeable.

Starting a business is a massive undertaking full of emotions. The choices you make steer your business on its journey towards success or towards failure. One of the first decisions I made was to work with TeamMahout. I knew it was critical to have a website that others would be talking about and envious. I spent time creating a plan, vision and details of what I wanted on my site. From our first meeting, I was completely sold on TeamMahout! This amazing group of developers was excited, passionate and had a wealth of knowledge to share with me. When I left from our first meeting, TeamMahout made me more excited about my own business. They took my project on as a design, but I felt like we were building a friendship right from the beginning. TeamMahouts communication, attention to details and exceptional service are unbeaten. As a company, they continue to reach out checking on my progress and making themselves available.

I know my business wouldn't be where it is without TeamMahout. They carried my vision beyond and sprinkled in ideas, and details I hadn't thought possible.

TeamMahout is not only the best decision for me and my business, but it will be for your too.

Working with Team Mahout is the best business decision I have made. I had reached a point where I had my products, I had my vision, but I realized I didn't have the expertise to make my dream happen because I could not move forward without a professional website. From day 1, Team Mahout believed in my mission and in me as a person, and has done everything they can to help me be successful. My original timeline was short because I wanted to go live before speaking at a conference, and they worked day and night to make it happen. Even with this tight timeline, their work was still top of the line. Since my launch, I have had seasoned business professionals ask me how long I have been in business because their site has been live for years and it still does not have all the elements that my site does. In addition, I receive compliments nearly every time I hand out my business cards, another design of Team Mahout.

The main reason I say working with Team Mahout is the best decision I have made is because their expertise goes so much deeper than the website I was originally seeking. Yes, they designed an amazing website and have helped me understand the analytics, increase my social media presence, incorporate new marketing strategies, and invited me into a community to learn from others doing the same; however, they never saw their job as done when my website went live. Their continued support and belief in me as a person has been crucial in the times I get overwhelmed and stuck. Team Mahout is amazing at what they do, but even more than that, they are amazing people. I am so thankful their philosophy is to be with their customers for life, and I cannot recommend a better team of people to work with.