Website performance quiz

Thought bubble website performance quiz

It’s not always easy to determine how your website is performing. This is especially difficult if you don’t know what questions to ask yourself. We thought it would be nice to build an interactive quiz to help you understand which questions you should be asking yourself. Go ahead and take this quick 10 question quiz…

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Team Mahout Conducts Instagram Marketing Experiment

Instagram Logo for Team Mahout

An overwhelmingly successful marketing experiment was conducted by Team Mahout last week using Slack to promote friendly competition. It was so successful that I felt it deserved its own blog post. I invited each of our clients to join me in a challenge to self-promote themselves over the course of a week on Instagram. Each…

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Team Mahout builds a virtual community

business people in binary

Building a virtual community with clients. It has been our practice to set up slack channels with each of our clients. This works great to promote communication. During the development process, our clients have nearly unlimited access to our development team. If there is something like a font change or a slight hue change in…

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